Monday, March 11, 2013

Short story

It was a dark day in the dark dungeon make from a long lost group of tinkerer and engineers, young Hasti was walking around being stupid as always. As he went ahead of the group he came a rifle that had a large barrel. As he picked it up a man came at him as quick as a jungle cat and punched him right his nose. As he fell over Herkson came over and continued to stomp on Hasti's face. As the man sprouted wings and flew into the night, Hasti’s face was  not given a break. Herkson was merciless, making sure he could never see again and soon after Hershif and Hesker joined into this royal beating. They all kicked and stomped on him with every foot movement more blood being expelled. Soon Herkson decided to finish he took his beard which began to glow and a giant ray of light then hit Hasti. As the three of them backed up they realized he was very hurt so naturally Herkson pulled out a pistol shot him.
They rushed him to the hospital in Goldshire, a very messed up place untouched by the regular world. The hospital was not the best but it was the closest. They never thought they would have to go here but they had too . They didn't know it but Herkson did it for a reason. Herkson wanted to take over the world and taking him and the man out would aid his efforts even more to take it over. So after dropping him off at the hospital Hershif thought that rifle look familiar so he said “Hey that gun looked cool lets go on a ridiculous quest” They all cheered yes except Hasti who when moved his face started to bleed.
They then left Goldshire to go get the rifle but the Herkson had other plans. As they reached the road they saw a man in dark clothing shouting about how a great evil is coming and needs to be killed, so Herkson went over and stabbed him to make sure he would never talk about that ever again. So they searched the body and continued forward towards a small river and fishing town. Herkson baring his flaming stick, Hesker with his mighty shovel, and Hershif with his trident forged from the scales of a giant salamander and a boomerang from its children. As they continued forth into the forest to the night came faster than a thief stealing away the sun. “ The night gives cover to monsters and thugs alike  let's rest for the night” said Hesker. They set up a fire and a camp, they cooked a few rabbits they were able to catch. As the darkness thickened they went to their tents and sleep.
Herkson heard a the noise of a stick breaking, not the noise a small animal makes the sound of a full grown man possibly bringing many others with him. Herkson picked up his stick and lite its fire. He walked out of the tent to be greeted by two dozen men in dark ancient armor forged by a master blacksmith. He then took his stick and whacking two of them with the stick. Which is not effective, so he switches to a small concealed dagger made of glowing metal. He then stabbed the stick which caused a weird flammable liquid to drip out. As soon as his enemy pulled a gun so herkson blew it up causing the gun to deform and reform on his beard giving his powerful beard even more power. With the power of his beard he shot them one by one with his beard at maximum power. then out of the darkness the man walked forward with Hasti held by the neck in one hand and the rifle in the other. Herkson then fired and it was a direct hit, Hasti was slain.
Herkson left the man alive because he brought him Hasti so he continued his plan and would live with the other two dwarfs for now. Then they all went back to sleep. Hasti was dead on the ground his chest still glowing with the light, the light was then absorbed into his chest. He rose from the ground and traveled into the woods. He came across a man traveling through the woods the same who started it, he then used his raw power to make a flying tiger that shoots lasers from its eyes. The beast flew at him and shoot and killed him, Hasti then made his evil fortress in that exact location.  The tiger continued to the camp where Hesker and Hershif were coming out of their tents. Herkson said “ ok we have conquered Hasti now we continue on another adventure”. Then the beast flew out of the woods shooting its lazers. Hesker charged and tried to hit it with his enchanted shovel. He didn't make it two feet when he was exploded by the tiger. Herkson then just shot it with his beard canon and it exploded into three parts which he made into armor that he wore for the rest of his life.
Herkson realized that somehow Hasti had survived the blast from the beard canon so Herkson shot Hershif with his beard canon so he would not get in his way. Herkson went back on the road looking for Hasti because every second he grew stronger. He walked to the river town where they were all supposed to go. He found the man he was supposed to meet who told all of the data they needed to find the man so he punched him in the face and asked if any evil fortresses were being built. He pointed to the east so Herkson walked west, soon he reached the arctic circle where he sat for several hundred years. Then one day he walked back where Hasti took over the world so he took his newly grown beard and used it to make himself hair mech suit. So he walked into Hastis fort and shoot him with a force more powerful than he ever shot. Hasti flew through seventeen walls and died when he was impaled by a stick on an apple tree. That tree became the most producing apple tree in history. So Herkson became the harshest ruler the world has ever seen, any time any one tried to take him down he killed 100,000 people.


  1. it was about a guy who punched himself and was rushed to Gold shire.The character didn't changed.
    I like the beginning of the story because the man punched his nose. My favorite part was the character who punched himself.

  2. MATTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! YOU MAKE NO SENSEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 馬特的故事是正常的。但它只是太離譜了。Seroius; LY

    1. 是亞光,我完全同意你的看法。這是非常令人困惑

  4. This is pure comedy, however this one has much better grammar.

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  6. 1) the guy was killing everyone
    2) I didn't understand much of it accually most of it, it was random
    3) The main thing to revise is to make it grab the readers attention

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  8. 1)The conflict of the story of the story is Herkson killing everybody
    2)Herkson was the antagonist and Hasti is the protagonist
    3)My favorite part of the story was the part of the story which i understood. (But i didn't understand any of it)
    4)The best quality was the Chinese comments above this one
    5)The story's theme was random people assaulting some guy and Herkson taking over the world
    6)They need to revise the spelling/grammar and make the story make more sense then 随机的中国字

  9. the conflict was herkson wanting to rule i think.
    The main character doesnt really change he just kills people
    I think the story is funny at some points but its weird sometimes
    The theme is insanity
    he needs to revise the grammar