Monday, January 14, 2013


                                     Values Essay
For my project I am comparing my xbox 360 and listening to a good song, one thing that is be priced and one thats priceless. My xbox was around $350.00 new,my xbox gives me hours of entertainment. When I listen to a good song its one of the best things I can think of of , its the perfect sound. It can make you imagine yourself in an awesome place or just relax away.
    My Xbox is red with a skull in a cog gear on it, it is a limited edition Gears of War 3 version. When I turn it on it makes the noise the game does when you're at the main menu. I have about 30 games for it and each one holds a new adventure. All I have to do is put the disk in and I can do the impossible. Playing games is always fun but its not really a memorable and mainly just for that moment fun.
video games are awesome, which is the only reason I have an xbox. These are the ways I mainly have fun, I can do anything when I want. I have three games that are my favorite at the moment. Far Cry 3,Hitman: Absolution, and Minecraft. Far Cry 3 is my favorite game for a reason, it has everything a good game has. A good story, good characters, and a good villain, these factors make the game good. A good story makes you sucked into it, good characters make it easy to learn who your character is and get into it, and the good villain causes you to want to beat him but in this games case three bad guys. Hitman's good because it has good story but many good feature and effects and awesome ia for the characters.Minecraft is basically a sandbox game just building and surviving in a harsh environment.
Music is better than anything else in the world because its art. I don't  listen to what other people listen to because I find that kind of music lacking in awesomeness. That kind of music has a basic beat and cord repeated on guitar. I listen to the kind of music that takes skill to play, which rock, metal, punk, stuff like that. I just find that it appeals to me more than any other kind of music. I find it impressive with what they can do and they just make awesome sounds. It makes me just makes me feel a feeling I’ve never felt before I listened to it.
If I were to chose a favorite it would have to be music, it just doesn't even compare to each other. With my Xbox I have fun and get rid of stress by living in someone elses shoes and doing awesome things but music is better I can just sit back and relax and listen to my favorite song.
Sometimes xbox can stress me out even if I am relaxing which will get me even more on edge then I already was. Music can always make me relax even when the song is really fast and loud. Xbox I can do the impossible and be the impossible. Music can’t do that for me even if its a really good song. Xbox can also leave me sleep deprived for days trying to get something done which can really affect my lifestyle. So since music has more ups than downs music is better then my Xbox.
Just because its expensive doesn't mean its better then the free things, sometimes the priceless things can be worth more.

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