Thursday, September 13, 2012

Katniss-catching fire
Will-The Rangers Apprentice
Katniss was walking in the woods, when an arrow went straight past her. Katniss looked around just see a boy running at her with a knife. She fired an arrow at him but he dodged it. His name was will she remembered him from the training. Maybe i'm getting ahead of myself. This is a new hunger games you can bring  weapons in with you, I am the inventor. I introduced this  idea to the capitol and they liked it. Back to the story.Will attempted to stab her with his knife but in that moment she pulled an arrow out of her quiver and stabbed him straight threw the hand. He then dropped the knife and ran into the woods and climbed a tree just like the tower in his hometown to get the letter. Katniss then retreated to the woods in the other direction. she was then confronted by george another tribute who heard the commotion. He then unsheathed his blade already bloody with another with another person's blood. He then charged at her with the blade pointing forward. She then waited for him to get closer then when he was two feet away her hit the blade into the ground sending him to go flying forward into a tree knocking him out. Katniss then walked over to the wills knife still on the ground. She then picks it up and then drives into his chest puncturing his heart killing him instantly. Will still in the tree took his short sword and cut up his shirt and patched up the wound. He jumped out of the tree knowing Katniss was gone and went west hoping he could find some food, he was starting to feel weak. After he traveled two miles he saw a deer and remembered his rangers training and drew back his bow. He then let go and got in right in the eye, he skinned it  and cooked the meat.  Katniss still  two miles away smelled the meat, her senses are increased because she had been in this befor. Night was approaching will climbed the the highest tree he saw. He then looked at who died during day only three were left, him, Katniss, and James a boy from district 5. He was fast and an excellent thief. Katniss set multiple traps around the forest for some idiot to walk into. Then she started tracking to find Will. He was now only  half mile away and was preparing for the imanint. He was waiting in tree with his bow drawn waiting in the tree. Then it started two arrows went by his head he then fire back not  knowing where she was.He then jumped down and ran. He looked next to him and  James was running not two feet next to him. Will then stuck out his blade, slicing his neck.  He was then tackled by Katniss from behind. He then pushed her back from him. He stumbled back and feel into her own trap. He had won but he felt ashamed. He then celebrated an empty victory knowing he took many people from their family.


  1. I liked this storey i thought it was good. I can see Will jumping from the tree and running. There wasnt any diologe in this essay but i dont see why there would be cause they where at battle. I dont find this storey distacting because i liked it and i dont like reading but this i liked

  2. Good matt, I liked it. But im surprised Katniss missed so much, and I right?And like "Anhuan" said, there wasn't any dialog. Adding some wouldn't hurt. This wasn't distracting because i like reading action stories. Good job.

  3. ...Over all you described the setting well, and the combat was authentic.